Presentation of company RAYAIR AUTOMATION Ltd.

 Rayair Automation Ltd. was set up in May 1983 to design and manufacture automation machinery. In the late eighties the automation designs became more complex, and elaborated. In August 2000, Rayair Automation Ltd. moved to its present location, this investment gave the opportunity to enlarge its clientele and its machinery equipment. Rayair Automation Ltd. is equipped with the latest equipment, including a 5axis CNC machine and a 3D FDM printer. The design office is equipped with the latest design programs and cad cam systems.

Over the past 30 years Rayair have focused on the design and manufacturing of automation machinery in various industrial sectors. These sectors include the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, rubber, printing and plastic industries. Rayair personnel have designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned a wide range of machinery ranging from a fully automated packing automation with 6axis robot and vision system to a fully automated assembly line with 12 robotic heads.

Today, Rayair Automation Ltd. represents the foremost automation company in Malta with the capacity to design and manufacture the right solution. Rayair is also the sole distributors for Camozzi pneumatics and Unitronics PLC/HMI units.

 It is our pleasure to innovate your imagination into reality.



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