MB-NAKLO: SCHMALZ – Vacuum Technology for Efficient Processes

MB-NAKLO represents a company SCHMALZ for more than 10 years. Schmalz is one of the world’s leading suppliers in automation technology, handling technology and clamping technology. We offer their unique products, innovative solutions and our best technical support.

Suction pads, special grippers, vacuum generators and switches are the vacuum component products which we offers for automated processes. To fit the requirements of the customer perfectly, the wide range of vacuum systems from Schmalz can be assembled.

The vacuum gripping systems from Schmalz completes the range of individual vacuum components. Configured and planned by Schmalz, the gripping systems in the form of large-area gripping systems, layer gripping systems and vacuum spiders have a modular construction. Used in robotic applications, the complete systems are ready for connection and provide for maximum flexibility.

Vacuum Suction Pads – that product range includes a variety of suction pads with various shapes, sizes and materials, providing the right suction pad for every application. Suction pad grippers consist of a suction pad and a connection nipple.

Special Grippers – Special grippers can be used for applications in which regular suction pads cannot generate a vacuum. Schmalz offers a variety of special grippers with various shapes, sizes and principles of operation.

Vacuum Generators – Vacuum generators provide the required vacuum. The vacuum is generated either pneumatically (ejectors) or electrically (pumps, blowers). Ejectors offer intelligent functions for energy and process control.

Filters and Connections – Filters protect the vacuum generator from contamination. Vacuum distributors, hose lines and connections complete the vacuum system and connect suction pads to vacuum generators.

Mounting Elements – Schmalz offers a wide range of mounting possibilities for integrating suction pads or special grippers into a vacuum system. The VEE modular system enables quick configuration of end effectors in packaging processes.

We will demonstrate SCHMALZ products, innovations and interesting solutions on IFAM 2014 in Celje. Take advantage of our complete range of services. Discover a partner who will innovatively and permanently strengthen your market position.

Visit MB-NAKLO and our booth on IFAM 2014 in Celje.

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