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Plastics machine components are standard feature in food processing equipment. HENNLICH supplies Igus energy chains based on hygienic design guidelines and wear resistant plain bearings for a wide range of solutions.

The open design of the TH3 plastic energy chain makes it very easy to clean, while rounded corners and simple, threadless connections prevent dead spaces where debris and germs can build-up. The structure of the e-chain avoids surfaces rubbing against each other; this prevents abrasion and material shedding. The blue material is FDA/EU-compliant and is highly resistant to aggressive chemicals.

Igus offers the blue bearing materials iglidur A160 and iglidur A181, which comply with EU regulation 10/2011 and FDA requirements. Iglidur A160 is resistant to aggressive cleaning agents. Iglidur A181 on stainless-steel shafts, has a low coefficient of friction and is more suited in applications involving pivoting and rotating movements. Both materials are available as a tribo-tape for lining sliding surfaces, and as plate or bar stock for further machining.

A wide range of stainless-steel components is available specially for the food & drinks industry. Long service life is possible if used in combination with liners made of iglidur E7. FDA-compliant guide rollers are also available.

Database enables Engineers to always find the most suitable solution that improves the technical performance of their equipment.

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