CGS plus: A Full Potential of MJF 3D Printing Technology

Slovenian company CGS plus d.o.o. is an Authorized Reseller and Service partner of HP 3D Printing solutions. “Since we became an official HP partner for the sales, support and servicing of HP’s 3D printers, this activity is of strategic importance for the future development of our company,” says Tomaž Dimnik, owner and CEO.

From various branches of industry to mobility and transportation, consumer goods and electronics, healthcare and education, manufacturing services, aerospace, military and defense – companies across different segments of industry are transforming how they design and manufacture. HP MJF 3D printing technology can unlock new possibilities that complement CNC, injection molding, as well as additive manufacturing and powder based technologies.

HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing technology enables production of quality functional and spare parts with fewer components and at a lower cost at a production speed that is up to 12 times faster than competing technologies. It is ideal for serial production of final parts as well as for the production of prototypes. The most important feature of products printed with this technology is that they are equivalent to injection-molded plastic products, are isotropic, waterproof and airtight and can also be printed in colours. 3D printing is enabling customization and personalization as well.

We also offer assistance in optimizing products for 3D printing in development phase, 3D printing service and digital production of your products. You are kindly invited to CGS plus 3D printing demo room in Ljubljana where an experienced team of certified professionals will guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have about 3D printing.


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