HP MJF 3D Printing Technology in Pipistrel Panthera and Virus Aircraft

Slovenian company Pipistrel as a leading manufacturer of motor gliders and pioneer in alternative and ultralight aviation is also in the forefront of implementation of new technologies. Pipistrel uses the HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing technology to manufacture parts of ventilation systems for the Panthera and Virus aircraft.

The main benefit of HP’s technology is the ability to manufacture monolithic parts (in this case mixing valve air flaps). In this way they avoid the assembly requirements and improve the part accuracy. The surfaces need no finishing and the parts are therefore more pleasing to the eye. Further benefits include weight reduction and added flexibility in part design, as well as eliminating the need for injection moulds. Components manufactured using the HP MJF 3D printing technology also improve the quality of end products with their good mechanical properties and heat resistance. Pipistrel has used the HP technology to streamline the manufacturing operations by eliminating the assembly of sub-systems, thereby also shortening the aircraft lead times. The share of 3D printed parts technology in Pipistrel’s production is still small, but it is growing by the year as new materials are introduced with properties similar to the traditional metal and composite materials.

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