Damko, brand under Puric company

Isn’t the fast developing digitalisation era we are part of invoking the feelings that we getting further away from physical world ?

Damko, brand under Puric company, is the R&D department with production capabilities which grew on the experience of the project team in the field of digital solutions for more than 20 years. 

Having a diesel repair shop as core business on one side, Puric company is now proud to offer exactly what we often need – the re-connection to practical „real world“ processes.

Damko is implementing some of the most modern technologies like:

  •  Automation engineering
  • Computer Vision (with or without implementing AI)
  • Advanced automated quality control systems (Visual and other type)
  • Advanced and special motion, process and measurement controls
  • Retrofits and customized integrations
  • Wide range of communication, identification and location technologies

With a wide scope of work, Damko rather specializes in tailor made products and integration.

Puric d.o.o. Damko
Andrije Hebranga, 54
10090 Zagreb
+385 1 44 00 600
[email protected]

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