Globe Chamber of Commerce and Industry Nigeria


About us

Globe chamber of commerce and industry, an international trade organization initiated to be the leading and most innovative and advanced investment, trade and business development in the world. It was registered on the 20th of June 2019.

GCCI mission and vision is to support economic growth through promotion of trade and investment policies, whilst developing trade which focuses on industrialization and human capital development.

GCCI hopes to achieve this by building bilateral and multilateral trade partnerships which will form bridges between the private and public sectors, involving relevant government and international agencies.

Also growing rural, National and international economies through the promotion of global trade that benefits all sectors of life.

Our services include:

  • Trade and Investment Promotion
  • Business Development
  • Trade Exhibitions, Expos, Trade Fairs, Conferences, Summits and Forums
  • Trade and Investment Programs, Productions and Promotions
  • Bilateral and Multilateral Economic Exchange, Cooperation and Joint Venture Routes
  • G2G/G2B/B2B/B2C Trade Meetings and more

Our mission:

  • Mutual trade benefits and respect for others
  • Professionalism in excellent service delivery
  • Openness in all communication, Building Trust
  • Cost-effective and realistic solutions
  • Compassion, care for humans and the world in general

Contact person:
[email protected]

Our Partners

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