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With products, services and solutions, both in development labs and production plants, we solve challenges and help achieve goals in various industries, such as automotive, semiconductor and power electronics, energy, railways, medicine, defense and transport. Engineers, scientists and professors take advantage of advanced technologies and tools in a variety of application areas such as measurement, automated and real-time testing, monitoring, control, vision inspection, RF testing and robotics to increase productivity and innovation, speed up research and development of increasingly complex devices and shorten time to achieve the goals of an increasingly demanding market.

Power Measurements and Analysis
The first step to fixing a problem is to measure it. Renewables, plug-in vehicles, inverters, on-grid storage, HVDC, and other changes happening on utility grids impact power quality in ways not anticipated when the previous generation of instrumentation was designed.


Measure and monitor your products power and energy consumption. Analyze the data and trends to define your product quality. To complete your validation test and measurements extend your flexible PMS test system with additional temperature, vibration, torque or velocity sensor measurement data.

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