Phoenix d.o.o./Fortuna Federn GmbH

Phoenix d.o.o./Fortuna Federn GmbH is company that started with production of springs in 1978. From 1995. Company started producing machines for spring industry.
Production process of building machines is completely vertically integrated. On site in Orahovica there are mechanical drawing, software, electrical, material machining, assembling, machine tolling departments. Vertical integration allowed fast development and short test cycles. It also allowed supporting clients with spare parts and/or updates in short time.
Phoenix is specialized in producing custom machines that can handle wire diameters from 1-100 mm. Machines are sold worldwide and installed to support mainly agriculture industry, but also various other industries like automotive, railways, oil and even space industry.
Depending on requirement, machines are produced as standalone component or as part of production line. Client’s requirements in 2014 to start integrating robots to handle input to machines pushed company into production line direction.
From 2016 Phoenix d.o.o. expanded its services to other fields outside off spring industry such as two production lines for packaging profiles for construction material industry, several custom machines like marker plate cutter for wood industry, food drying facilities, cutting tube casting leftovers and others.
6 years of collaboration with leading automotive springs producer (collaboration is still active) pushed company into using up to date technologies with high speed, quality, safety and durability in mind.
Vision of company is to continue its growth by expanding its services of building custom machines and production lines to industries other than spring industry. We want to preserve and extend knowledge in machine and production line building.
We choose IFAM to attract new collaborators and/or clients and/or employees.

Phoenix d.o.o.
Dalmatinska 98a
33515 Orahovica
+385 33 675 013
[email protected]

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