Mestric is Your “Google” for Production

At the IFAM 2023, Infotrend d.o.o. will present with Mestric, an easy-to-use MES software.

Mestric offers a solution for modern manufacturing, with the aim of increasing product quality while reducing the cost structure. It shows essential information on the efficiency of production processes and indicators such as OEE and downtime

Here are some indicators that suggest the need to optimize your production processes to save time and money:

  • Managers communicate with other departments in person and through paperwork, rather than using a digital platform.
  • The production manager and owner spend hours each day planning the production process.
  • Production line data is entered manually or kept in Excel.
  • You spend a significant amount of your free time checking progress and congestion from home or have no free time at all.
  • The company relies heavily on paperwork, causing inefficiencies and errors in the process.
  • You lack information on the exact price of the product, making it difficult to calculate profitability.
  • There are discrepancies between planned and actual revenues.
  • You are unable to measure employee productivity, but using a tool like Mestric could help set up a reward system and measure overall productivity.
  • When receiving customer complaints, it’s difficult to identify the person responsible for the failure, which can impact the reward system.
  • Streamlining and digitalizing your production processes can help save energy, time, and money by providing a clear overview of all processes in one place.

Mestric is your “Google” for production because digitization will make it much easier for management to control processes and give them a clear overview of machine and employee performance.

We are looking forward to show you a demo version at IFAM 2023.

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