Flexible Bench-solution for a Better Use of Space and More Ergonomics at the Workplace

Space-saving and ergonomically optimized. SUSPA designed a solution for the manufacturers of furniture that optimizes the work surroundings by offering the possibility of height adjustment. The so-called bench-solution makes it possible to connect two opposite work station underframes while the table tops stay independent from one another and thus can also be driven separately.

The core of SUSPA’s bench solution are the ELS3 lifting columns that allow to adjust the height of the workplaces. They lift up to 60 kg per lifting column and they do that extremely silently. Especially in open-plan offices, where potentially numerous work places are adjusted simultaneously, the comparatively quiet drive of the lifting columns is a great advantage.
The bench-solution is a version where two opposite table underframes are connected with two bridge elements. Thereby, the foot-bases are omitted, which are usually necessary for each single table. This creates two opposite workplaces whose height can be adjusted independently from one another despite the room-saving connection.

Table tops with a length of 120 cm to 200 cm can be mounted on table frames from SUSPA. At the same time the workplaces can be stringed together with a so-called “bench-to-bench”-connector as a dual combination. The construction is most room-saving and at the same time fulfills all requirements of an ergonomically optimized workplace that can be used flexibly by several employees – a great advantage especially in times of co-working spaces and call centers, where the employees often change the workplace.

Smart Office – ergonomic, individual, flexible

The hand switches are available with a memory function where up to four height settings can be saved individually. Additionally, an optionally available collision sensor enables the safety function of squeeze protection. As soon as the table meets an obstacle during the driving movement, the control unit stops the movement automatically. Thus, accidents and damages can be prevented. The design of the table underframe is especially attractive for its clearness and fits in optimally and discreetly in the office surroundings.
In the course of the development to the so-called smart office there is the possibility of connecting the smartphone with the desk. By means of an app the height settings can be saved and the workplace reserved. Especially “smart” is another function: the app evaluates sitting and standing phases of the user and can remind him after sitting for long periods to get up and to stir, similar to the quite common smart watches.

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