Power outages, sudden changes in the characteristics of the electricity supply network or unintended power overload conditions can all negatively impact on the normal activity of electrical panels and machinery.

The 6M Series power analyzer products are capable of measuring and exchanging data relating to the power and/or energy being consumed or generated, while at the same time measuring the prime electrical characteristics that indicate the quality of the electrical network.

Designed for use in commercial and industrial electrical control and distribution panels, machine tools or production and inverter equipment, they can also be particularly useful in PV systems and EV charging stations.

The range currently consists of a Modbus TCP/IP gateway (Type 6M.BU.0.024.2200) and single-phase power monitors for voltage and current measurements in AC-TRMS and DC up to 1000 V.

All power monitors have an integrated Modbus RS485 communication port and the capability to measure bidirectional active energy (kWh). Additionally, instantaneous  values for V (RMS), A (RMS), PF, kW, kVA, kvar, Hz, THD (I), Vpk, Ipk, Cosφ, are also measured/calculated.
The three Types of single-phase power monitors currently available are:

  • Type 6M.TA.9.024.1200(50A – 800 V AC / 1000 V DC)
  • Type 6M.TB.9.024.1200(100A – 800 V AC / 1000 V DC)
  • Type 6M.TF.9.024.1200(300A – 800 V AC / 400A – 1000 V DC)

The fourth product of the 6M Series present in the catalogue is the Bridge Modbus TC/IP to Modbus RTU (RS485 master) Type 6M.BU.0.024.2200 compatible not only with the 6M.Tx devices but also with the energy meters of the 7M Series and with any other generic device with Modbus RS485 protocol.

The 6M.BU features a simple built-in web server for configuring network parameters and protocol,  can manage up to 200 modbus devices and is capable of accepting up to 10 Ethernet clients.

  • 10/100 Mb/s Ethernet port
  • RS485 port up to 115200 bit/s
  • Isolation between power supply, RS485, Ethernet of 1500V
  • User interface: 6 status LEDs

All 6M Series devices can be mounted on a DIN rail thanks to the dedicated adapters supplied.

For more information, you are invited to visit product page and download the attached documentation.

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