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An interlinked production can’t do without connectors. Their performance is key to a successful digitalization. The quality of automation technology entirely depends on the quality of the connectors you use. They make all components form a whole, allow the flow of signals, data, currents and ensure safety, a smooth operation, and a proper installation.

Connectors of any type must meet general requirements such as perfect and tight contacts resistant to various media. Murrelektronik has a broad portfolio of connector variants distinguished by their sheath colors and conductivities. They range from tailored lead lengths to custom-made wire cross sections and preassembled connectors. These clearly specified variants perfectly support every module and avoid damage.

Signal lines let you connect sensors, actuators, and IO distributors. They include the reliable circular M8 and M12 connectors and the valve terminations. Their LEDs for indicating the current switching state as well as their protective circuitry make them the perfect fit for challenging environments. Important add-ons include useful accessories such as adapters, T-fittings, or a torque wrench for guaranteed tight connections.

Data lines like the M8, M12, RJ45 ensure a reliable transfer of fieldbus data. They are highly flexible and fully shielded to prevent electromagnetic interference from affecting data transfer efficiency. Elastic segments provide a permanent link between the knurled screw and the cage shielding for optimized vibration resistance.

Power lines supply energy to machines and equipment and transport the required power output to the field devices. All linked-in units are perfectly supported by well-established solutions such as the M12 power connectors or the standardized MQ15 connectors.

M12 Power connectors – Small and powerful
Murrelektronik’s M12 Power is a compact and powerful M12 connector. It not only provides a reliable plug-type link for linear drives or stepper motors but also serves as a power feed line for fieldbus modules. It proves its worth as the correct alternative to 7/8” connectors in applications requiring high power density on a small footprint. The connectors feature an extremely durable PUR sheath free from halogens, which qualifies them for use even in the toughest industrial applications. Even if exposed to shock and vibrations, their intrinsic vibration resistance always ensures a safe connection.

MQ15 – Quick connection for easy mounting
Its useful quick connection system makes MQ15 your connector of choice. It’s mounted in no time. A quarter turn and you’re done, saving you 80 percent of installation time. MQ15 is designed for asynchronous and three-phase motors up to 7.5 kW and is your solution for optimized energy distribution. Add flange connectors to your asynchronous or three-phase motors to make them fit for easy plug-type MQ15 links.

100 % tested
Murrelektronik tests each and every of its connectors. Electric testing comprises a high voltage test, a test for inverted wires and a short circuit test. This is followed by checking the connector’s operability and a visual inspection of the entire connector. Taken together, these tests warrant the top quality of Murrelektronik’s connectors.


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