FINDER Presents 72 Series Float Level Regulators

For the management of conductive liquids and food-grade liquids through the control of the emptying and filling functions

Specifically designed for controlling the level of liquids, float level regulators can be particularly useful in various and diverse residential and commercial, and industrial contexts, from storage tanks and cisterns, swimming pools, management and distribution of potable water and sewage treatment plants, to the food industry sector (including oil mills, breweries and dairies). These types of devices can be used in agriculture, where maintaining the water levels in canals, wells and irrigation systems is a vital requirement.

The new 72 Series devices comprise Type 72.A1 and Type 72.B1 which together with the Type 72.C1 complete the Finder range of float regulators.

What differentiates the three models, and consequently, the choice of one device over the other is the intended use:

  • Type 72.A1, supplied with a counterweight, is available both as the 72.A1.1000.xxxx version suitable for use in plumbing and waste water systems, and as the 72.A1.0000.xx02 variant for liquids foodstuff and drinking water – also suitable for liquids with a high chlorine content and/or high salinity.
  • Type 72.B1 is designed for sewage systems with suspended agglomerate materials, industrial dirty waters, and macerating systems.
  • Lastly, the space-saving Type 72.C1 is the ideal solution where space is limited.

These are some technical features common to Types 72.A1 and 72.B1:

  • 1 changeover contact 10A (8A)
  • H05 RN-F cable chemically resistant to many types of liquidsLastly, the space-saving Type 72.C1 is the ideal solution where space is limited.
  • Cable lengths; 5 m, 10 m, 15 m or 20 m
  • It can be used for both emptying and filling

Technical features of the Type 72.C1:

  • 1 changeover contact 10A (8A)
  • Compact dimensions
  • Cable lenght: 2 m
  • Manual switch for automatic (ON/OFF) or manual (always ON) operation
  • Can be used for both emptying and filling

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