FANUC has effective solutions for industry

FANUC innovations reduce energy costs, support digitization and alleviate skills shortages.

Despite the current global investment cap, FANUC expects a significant increase in demand for factory automation in the medium to long term, including in Europe.

In the field of digitalization, FANUC offers several value-added solutions, including digital twin technology that helps develop manufacturer-specific firmware and operator instructions.

When it comes to data acquisition and analysis, FANUC can provide a number of integrated IoT solutions, as well as the company’s FIELD System Basic Package IoT platform. In addition, FANUC offers interfaces to all major IoT platforms, an important prerequisite on the smart factory journey.

The company has more than 200 robot models in its range and recently announced the delivery of its millionth robot. FANUC recently increased the payload capacity of its cobots to 30kg for the CRX-25iA and 50kg for the CR-35iB, making the latter model the most powerful cobot on the market. Demand for cobots has increased dramatically in recent years as they can easily integrate into existing production lines without the need for safety barriers or guarding, saving space and allowing them to work ‘hand in hand’ with factory workers.

“We want to relieve workers from repetitive, boring and dangerous tasks,” says Marco Ghirardello, President and CEO of FANUC Europe. “Both workers and companies can benefit from reassigning their employees to more demanding tasks where they can better use their cognitive abilities.” To help companies develop their employees, FANUC has expanded its training centers and academies across Europe. The company also works with universities and educational institutions to train the next generation of automation professionals.

FANUC’s commitment to innovation, training, reliable products and services, in addition to its large sales and service network with more than 20 offices in Europe and more than 260 locations worldwide, seems to be paying off.

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