Rittal ePocket: The digital wiring plan pocket for smooth operation

ePocket: A new home for the digital twin


The manufacturing world is familiar with thick paper folders containing equipment and system documentation inside the enclosure. From EPLAN and Rittal’s point of view, such practices are no longer up to date when the data can be used digitally and centrally. The sister companies present Rittal ePocket – the digital wiring plan pocket. In terms of environmental friendliness, the new space in the cloud has the benefit of doing away with paper. In addition, operators, planners, switchgear manufacturers and maintenance staff will find it easier to work together because of the constant availability of up-to-data data.

Through the development of the Rittal ePocket, the new digital wiring plan pocket, the sister companies Rittal and EPLAN, are prioritizing digital data to the enclosure. This means that widely used paper documentation has become a thing of the past. If all project data, such as wiring and maintenance plans, certificates, etc. of a machine or plant, is available digitally, any changes can be directly fed back into the project and possible downtimes can be reduced to a minimum.

Project access via the EPLAN Cloud
So that this workflow functions, all the enclosures in Rittal’s wide range will have its own place in the EPLAN Cloud. The owner can access the equipment and system documentation, including a digital twin, in the EPLAN Cloud via a QR code on the enclosure. The benefits increase if the owner shares insight into the latest documentation with other users.

Companies benefit in three ways due to this digital process from schematic creation of circuit diagrams to maintenance:

  • Time Savings: Incidents are eliminated faster, and repeatedly printing out up to 500 or more pages of documentation is no longer necessary, which represents a clear time advantage.
  • Eco-friendly: The environment also benefits from not using paper, thanks to the reduced carbon emissions.
  • Safety: There is less risk of fire if paper is not stored inside the enclosure.

Digital twin in operation
The digital twin accompanies the real enclosure throughout its entire life cycle. With the digital wiring plan pocket, the equipment and system documentation are always up to date; it is accessible from any device, wherever it is located while operating.




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