TOPOMATIKA d.o.o.: Exhibition Of The First 20 Years Of Quality Control Services in 3D

The company TOPOMATIKA d.o.o. deals with 3D digitalisation, i.e. 3D scanning, measurement and control of the shape, dimensions, position and deformation of objects ranging in size from tens of millimeters to several tens of meters. In addition to 3D optical measurement services, we also offer modern three-dimensional optical measuring systems from Carl Zeiss Metrology, industrial systems for computed tomography (CT) from ZEISS, software solutions for reverse engineering Geomagic, measuring and inspection microscopes from Vision Engineering and equipment for measuring the mechanical properties of materials and components by Hegewald&Peschke, whose exclusive representatives we are for Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro. We also offer hardness testers from the German company KB Prüftechnik.

TOPOMATIKA allows you to measure all dimensions of the product and make it a “digital twin” and compare it with its project, contactless, using an optical scanner, which is already a standard in industries such as the automotive, aviation and space industries. In addition, we also provide a look inside the product – measurements of slots, holes and channels, as well as errors within the materials of which the product is made. We measure displacements, deformations and stresses of products, as well as propertiesthe raw materials from which they are made.

The TOPOMATIKA company from Novaki, part of Sveta Nedelja, is the link between analog products and digitization of production, because without digitization and enough information to repair before an error occurs, there is no digitization. Topomatika is part of the 3D group, which also includes the companies IZIT d.o.o. and Tehnoprogres d.o.o., specialized in 3D printing and reverse engineering, i.e. high-quality 3D printers and CNC machines.

See you at the IFAM – booth A-200!

Industrijska ulica 3, Novaki
HR-10431, Sveta Nedjelja
+385 1 3496010
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