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Detailed information on the prices and mandatory fees and taxes you can find here.

You can choose between row, corner, end, and island exhibition stands. Information on the stand prices.

Your application covers the ordered stand space,  mandatory registration fee, and  Ecotax during the trade fair. If you have ordered equipped exhibition space, the application covers the equipment of your stand as well.

For your convenience, we offer additional services that you can order online or by filling the Technical and Marketing Services Kits (pdf sent upon request)

The mandatory registration fee includes free promotion in the event newsletter and LinkedIn, one inscription in the online catalog, a link to your Homepage, free online visitor registration, exhibitor passes by delivery key.

The mandatory Ecotax includes eco islands for waste disposal during assembling/dismantling.

After the fair, the fees for all ordered services (electricity, water, and compressed air connections, Internet connection, telecommunications, equipment, etc) will be added to your final invoice.

The full list of additional services is available online to all exhibitors.

Each exhibitor will receive a particular number of exhibitor passes free of charge. The number of passes depends on the booth size.

Booth size up to 10 m²: 3 exhibitor passes

Each additional 10 m²: 1 exhibitor pass

 Additional exhibitor passes are available for a fee of EUR 15. Exhibitor passes are only intended for stand personnel. The passes are valid during move-in, move-out time, and the fair itself.

As an exhibitor, you will receive a link-invitation which you can use to invite an unlimited number of business partners to visit you at the fair free of charge. Your visitors will have to register online using the above-mentioned link. After completing the registration, each registrant will receive a confirmation for successful registration via email. Your partners will exchange the printed confirmation for a free ticket at the fairground.

The deadline for applications is 05.9.2024.

When you apply, you may indicate a preferred stand location. When assigning stand space, we do our best to take the stand preferences of all registered companies into account. However, we cannot always satisfy all requests. That’s why we advise sending your application as early as possible.

Your company name and contact details, hall, and booth number will be included in the exhibitor online database.  
Your company name and contact details, hall and booth number, as well your company logo and description (if provided) will be published in the event’s online catalog.
Your company name and contact details, hall and booth number, as well your company logo and description (if provided) will be included in the event’s newsletter.

 As an exhibitor, you can use the event’s newsletter to spread the word about novelties and innovations. The newsletter is sent out to our database 4 times per year. 
You can publish information on novelties on the event’s website in the section » News from the industry«  every 14 days, starting with the day of application.

In case the stand deviates from the standards and technical directions, exhibitors should submit a floor plan, frontside and side view sketches, as well as technical specifications, static and electricity plans for approval.

Friday, 27.09.2024                                           12.00-19.00    
Saturday, 28.09.2024                                       08.00-19.00 
Sunday,29.09.2024                                         08.00-19.00
Monday, 30.09.2024                                        08.00-16.00

Delivery of exhibits:
Sunday, 29.09.2024                                         08.00-19.00    
Monday, 30.09.2024                                       08.00-12.00

Thursday, 03.10.2024                                       18.00-20.00
Friday, 04.10.2024                                             08.00-19.00
Saturday, 05.10.2024                                       08.00-19.00

The number of parking slots at the fairground is limited. Exhibitors receive parking cards that grant them access to the fairground during the fair and at the time of assembling and dismantling. The number of cards each exhibitor receives depends on the size of the booth.
During the time of the actual fair trucks are not allowed to enter the fairground.

Detailed information about the additional promotional activities can be found in the Exhibitor Portal.

Deadline for sending applications: 05.9.2024

Friday, 27.09.2024                                           12.00-19.00    
Saturday, 28.09.2024                                       08.00-19.00 
Sunday, 29.09.2024                                         08.00-19.00
Monday, 30.09.2024                                        08.00-16.00

Delivery of exhibits:
Sunday,29.09.2024                                         08.00-19.00    
Monday, 30.09.2024                                       08.00-12.00

Working hours:
Tuesday, 01.10.2024                                       09.00-17.00
Wednesday, 02.10.2024                                  09.00-17.00
Thursday, 03.10.2024                                     09.00-17.00

Thursday, 03.10.2024                                      18.00-20.00
Friday, 04.10.2024                                            08.00-19.00
Saturday, 05.10.2024                                      08.00-19.00

Dunajska cesta 18, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

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