Index of Products and Services

1. Application components for Industrial robots
1.1. Robot periphery for gluing and sealing
1.2 Robot periphery for loading/unloading
1. 3. Robot periphery for painting and coating
1. 4. Robot periphery for processing applications
1. 5. Tool changing system for industrial robots
1. 6. Other robot peripheries

2. Driverless transport systems, driverless vehicles

2.1. Autonomous vehicles, autonomously navigating systems
for rail transport
2.2. Autonomous vehicles, autonomously navigating systems
for road transport
2.3. Driverless transport systems, DTS; driverless transport
vehicles, DTV
2.4. Navigation systems for autonomous, driverless vehicles
2.5. Obstacle recognition systems for driverless vehicles
2.6. Other driverless transport systems, driverless vehicles

3. Industrial robots (basic system)
3.1. Articulated robots
3.2. Horizontal elbow-arm robots
3.3. Industrial robots of special design
3.4. Linear robots
3.5. Microbots
3.6. Portal robots
3.7. Swivel-arm robots (SCARA robots)
3.8. Vertical elbow-arm robots

4. Applications for industrial robots
4.1. Industrial robots for general industrial applications
4.2. Industrial robots for general machine building
4.3. Industrial robots for other vehicle construction
4.4. Industrial robots for other branch-specific applications
4.5. Industrial robots for precision engineering and the optical
4.6. Industrial robots for the automotive industry
4.7. Industrial robots for the electrical and electronic industry
4.8. Industrial robots for the metal producing and working
4.9. Industrial robots for the packing industry
4.10. Industrial robots in provisions industry/foodstuffs industry
4.11. Industrial robots in the plastic industry

5. Mobile robots and special robots
5.1. Autonomous, mobile robots
5.2. Components form mobile robots
5.3. Education robots
5.4. Entertainment robots 5.5. Other mobile robots and special robots

6. Service robots
6.1. Service robots in agriculture and forest management
6.2. Cleaning robots
6.3. Inspection robots
6.4. Construction and demolition robots
6.5. Service robots in logistics
6.6. Medical robots
6.7. Service robots for security, rescue and monitoring
6.8. Underwater robots
6.9. Mobile robot platforms
6.10. Public relations robots
6.11. Humanoid robots
6.12. Service robots for indoor use
6.13. Service robots for production and workshop
6.14. System platforms for mobile robots
6.15. Two-arm robot systems
6.16. Walking robots

7. Services for robotics
7.1. Engineering for robotics
7.2. Organizations and associations for robotics
7.3. Programming for robotics
7.4. Publishing for robotics
7.5. Other services for robotics

8. System periphery for robots and robot controls
8.1. Control wiring for robotics
8.2. Operator terminal for robotics
8.3. Other system peripheries for robots and robot controls
8.4. Security system for robots

9. Task-specific applications for industrial robots
9.1. Industrial robots for assembly work
9.2. Industrial robots for storage, materials management, control and logistic
9.3. Industrial robots for workpiece handling (linking) and magazining
9.4. Industrial robots for workpiece processing
9.5. Special industrial robotics applications
9.6. Turnkey system and complete system for robotics
9.7. Safety and security in automation
9.8. Sensors and actuators
9.9. Services for industrial automation
9.10. Solutions and components for medical technology and pharmaceutical industry

10. Industrial START-UP’s
11. Industrial supply
12.Motion, drive and automation
13. Research and technology
16. Publishers, professional literature

17. Associations, societies and nongovernmental

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