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SPESIMA GmbH was founded in 1989 and its main business activity is the development and implementation of specialized systems for automation of horizontal die casting machines. We offer manipulators with accurate dosing system and short cycle time for melted metal capacity of 0,5kg to 40kg, suitable for 130t to 2500t DCM. Our spraying manipulators have short and accurate spray cycle with 2-6 spray circuits and up to 2 blowing circuits, suitable for 50t to 2500t DCM. Spesima GmbH produces its own nozzles and spray heads which allows great opportunity for customization. The extracting manipulators offer 3 to 6 controllable axis, ground or fixed plate mounting and load capacity from 1,5kg to 50kg, suitable for 80t to 1900t DCM.
The control systems offer Remote Motion Control or PC based controller, movable touch screen control panel, built in VPN client for diagnostics and patented Wi-Fi remote control pendant.
In addition, SPESIMA GmbH specializes in mechatronic systems, VPN diagnostics and service, industrial engineering, CAD design and CNC processing. Our company offers custom automation for the industrial production and reengineering of universal robots and their application for various, custom purposes. We provide trainings, after sale service and maintenance of our products and offer individual, customized and quality solutions for our clients.
Our partner network include our main shareholder Frech Internationale Beteiligungen GmbH (parent company Oskar Frech – www.frech.com), Metal Pres Makina Ltd in Turkey, DSI S.r.I. in Italy and Siblitmash in Russia. For its 30 years on the market, Spesima GmbH has always been on the way to innovation, possessing more than 25 patented products, registered utility models and trademarks. Spesima GmbH is a member of the German-Bulgarian Economic and Trade Chamber, the Bulgarian Industrial Association, Society of Automatics and Informatics Union, Robotics Association and cooperating with the Bulgarian Academy of Science and the Technical University in Sofia.

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