About us

ICM Ltd is a professional event organizer with many years of experience, a UFI and CEFA member. Our events play a vital role in building industry networks and sustaining business communities, as well as facilitating education and professional learning.

Each of our events is developed based on extensive customer research, guided and enriched by industry partners, informed by local market experts, and supported by the world’s largest global exhibition network. Our exhibitions’ reach is extensive – yearly thousands of participants attend them.

Company Name and Basic Information about the Entity

Entity status: registered
Full company name: Zabukovica 48B, Zabukovica, 3302 Griže, EU-Slovenia
Short company name: ICM D.O.O.
TAX / VAT Number: SI10578668
Company Registration – Registr. Court: Court Celje
Registration number: 5396921000

Office address: Zabukovica 48B, Zabukovica, 3302 Griže, EU-Slovenia

Active transaction accounts:
IBAN Bank Swift (BIC code)
SI56 29000-0050233344 UniCredit Bank BACXSI22

Authorized Representatives / MANAGING DIRECTOR

Type of representative: Director
ID number: standard citizen ID number (EMŠO) – not public information
Personal name: ANTON LAZNIK
Manner of representation: separate representation
Restrictions: No restrictions

Out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes

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