MVK Fusion – The Fieldbus Module with Extreme Range

Murrelektronik’s MVK Fusion fieldbus module is an opportunity to standardize modular processes, opening the door to a one-module strategy.

The PROFINET/PROFIsafe module unites three basic functions of installation technology: Standard digital sensors and actuators, safety digital sensors and actuators as well as IO-Link.

This combination is new and innovative. It enables unique and groundbreaking automation concepts to be realized. Installation becomes simpler and faster.

MVK Fusion makes complex configurations easier because they can be done entirely by the engineering tool in the safety control system. Software developers and electrical engineers no longer need in-depth knowledge of other manufacturers’ tools and manuals.

MVK Fusion makes it possible to have fewer fieldbus modules per unit. Some applications might only require a single module. This opens up new opportunities for many automation applications!

One Module with Extreme Range

What makes the MVK Fusion fieldbus module unique is its variety. It combines three basic functions: standard digital sensors and actuators, safety digital sensors and actuators and IO-Link. MVK Fusion simplifies installation by minimizing the number of modules required.

Flexibility within Safety Applications

MVK Fusion integrates all safety aspects into one module: with three safety, two-channel input ports, one safety output port with two safety outputs, and one Class B IO-Link port with safe shutdown. MVK Fusion lets you achieve high safety standards protecting both man and machine.

Safety Configuration within a Mouse Click

MVK Fusion makes configuring safety sensors and actuators extremely easy: select the safety function in the safety control system engineering tool, and within a few mouse clicks configuration is done, with no need for additional manufacturer-specific software.

High Performance

MVK Fusion is excellent for high power applications when reliability cannot be compromised. MVK Fusion is suitable for Conformance Class C (IRT), Shared Device and Netload Class III applications.


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