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At the IFAM 2021, Tipteh d.o.o. will present UniStream 10.1” PLC Controller from Unitronics. This Multi-function PLC with an integrated, high quality HMI touch screen, is available in a range of built-in I/O configurations. It offers powerful control capabilities in an incredible space-saving configuration. Its main features include Ethernet/IP, VNC, FTP, Web Server, Video + RTSP, SQL Client and more. It is available in two versions: 10” and 10” Pro.

You will get to know Vuzix’s M4000 Smart Glasses with revolutionary Waveguide optics, enabling see-through displays for a more natural viewing state. Paired with Vuzix M-series ergonomic design, M4000 enables high overall equipment efficiency and performance for machines. With the glasses, Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS) from Ubimax is offered, allowing customers to deploy the Ubimax Frontline platform. This platform improves manual work processes across industries along the entire value chain on the basis of the latest wearable computing technologies. The solutions are designed to empower the human worker in a digitized working environment.

We will also present the RFID Systems from Turck, the efficiency booster for industry 4.0. From incoming goods, through production, to the retailer, RFID systems ensure the automatic identification and tracking of goods. Turck’s versatile Q300 UHF read-write head with integrated I/Os and Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) reliably detect RFID tags.

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