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For over a decade the IRT3000 magazine supports transfer of knowledge, solutions and technologies in industry, and accelerates networking between sectors with professional articles and multidisciplinary content.

IRT3000 Magazine is unique, because professional readers can find extremely reach content from various fields such as tool&mould making and machine building, maintenance and technical diagnostics, nonmetals, production and logistics, advanced technologies, joining, materials and technologies on over 150 pages every month.

Beside that IRT3000 magazine reports on novelties, achievements and good practice in state-of-the-art engineering and industrial fields in Slovene language, while Adria version of the magazine addresses experts from the entire ex-Yugoslav region.

»The mission of IRT3000 Magazine (Innovations, R&D, Technologies) is to contribute to a more competitive economy and of top of that we want to provide quality professional literature to experts in industry for use as a manual, when during their work encounter professiona chalanges,« states Darko Švetak, Editor of IRT3000 Magazine.

Švetak adds, that the traditional Industrial Forum IRT, that for many years is organized by the magazine and it intended as and event for exchange of knowledge and experiences between representative from industry, is announced to take place from 21st to 22nd June next year. Let us remind us, that you can order the magazine on our website, on which in the section dedicated to professional literature, you can find an excellent manual for processing of plastic entitled Umetnost brizganja (The art of injection moulding), which beside in Slovene language is translated in Croatian and Serbian language, like the collection of three books entitled Secotools from the filed of metal cutting.

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