NORDINKRAFT, automatic ultrasonic NDT testing systems

Nordinkraft NDT-Group is an alliance of companies with over 30 years of theoretical and practical experience in the design, development and production of innovative, solutions based, fully automated and in-line nondestructive testing systems and equipment for industrial automatic inspection of:

  • Plates, strips and ingots; 
  • Welded and Seamless Pipes;  
  • Bars, Billets and Rails; 
  • Components for Automotive and Airspace Industries. 

Nordinkraft is a vertically integrated organization who works with our clients from initial concepts to innovative solutions,initiating developments, production of ultrasonic testing equipment, and performing  worldwide sales and service. 

Key Technology
There are three key technologies of the ultrasonic method for examination of materials most commonly used based on specific application, successfully developed, and industrially applied by Nordinkraft NDT-Group:​

  • EMAT- Electro Magnetic Acoustic Transducer technology  non-contact ultrasonic examination;
  • Phased-Array technology.
  • Conventional technology using  piezo-probes application;

Nordinkraft NDT-Group is the leader in these technologies due to tremendous developments and efforts made by our scientists and engineers, along with high financial investments.

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