Electronic and Electrical Industry Association

The Electronic and Electrical Industry Association (ZEE) at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia is the largest representative chamber of the Slovenian electrical industry, bringing together 160 companies whose main activity is the production of electronic and electrical products and related services. The members of the Chamber of Electronic and Electrical Industries generate 2/3 of all revenues in the electronics industry and 53.35% of the added value of the entire industry. 

Within ZEE there are various sections SiMER – a section of manufacturers, users and distributors of measuring equipment, a national point of ETIM Slovenia, where we take care of the digitisation of technical products. We are the lead partner in the CIRCI project. The project addresses the reduction of the volume of material flows of virgin materials and the establishment of the circulation of most materials in the production process, and the goal of the project is to establish a database that will record waste or secondary materials generated in the production processes, which can be transformed in the business process of the circular economy into an important raw material for another industry or production process.

We manage and coordinate the Smart Factories Cluster, which is a part of the Strategic Research and Innovation Partnership Factories of the Future.  . In the Smart Factories cluster, we deal with the transition of Slovenian companies to Industry 4.0. Our role is mainly a networking one, as we connect companies with research and development institutions and other stakeholders in the Slovenian and international ecosystem – we also provide our members with information on who in the Slovenian space is an expert or offers services in specific areas of Industry 4.0.

We also organise professional meetings, business delegations for our members, provide assistance with networking, promotions, news and inform about innovations.  

We kindly invite you to visit us during the IFAM, INTRONIKA, ROBOTIKA 2023 fair. We will be happy to provide you with more information.


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