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Bonus Engineering is the engineering department of Biro Bonus d.o.o., which was established in 2020. The department was founded by Matic Muc after he left his position as a development engineer at TPV AUTOMOTIVE. The primary objective of our engineering department was to offer product development services, ranging from idea or sketch, 3D models and technical documentation, to first prototypes, virtual evaluations and physical testing. Today, we have experience in product development and modeling from conceptual design to prototype creation in SolidWorks. We often present customers with conceptual solutions based on descriptions of their current product problems. Once the concept is presented, we proceed with detailed 3D modeling and prototype creation, as well as first tests, both physical in terms of static and permanent dynamic strength as well as functional tests. For customers, we perform virtual analyses of strength and stiffness using Abaqus, and have already demonstrated our capabilities with analysis and evaluation of product collisions in terms of drops from height, gravity of contact, and impact. For the needs of automotive industry, we prepare models for virtual analysis in the ANSA environment. We also perform liquid flow analyses, the results of which we then correlate with testing results.

Througout our operation and in pursuit of business opportunities, we have also entered the field of automation and mechanical building, which we actively began to engage in in 2021. Initially as subcontractors, but over time, we have become independent executors of projects for handling system, assembly and automation of purpose-built machines in various industries; from automotive to food, electronics, etc. We do not just offer the manufacture of new machines, but also offer repair and upgrades of existing machines. In automation, we use pneumatic and electric actuators, 6-axis robots, control cameras, and a large amount of mechanical and/or software creative solutions.

In October 2021, we also became distributors of precision industrial scanners eviXscan3D. In our portfolio, we have different models of 3D scanners, from scanners for small precision products, scanners for simple products, a scanner that allows scanning of both small and larger objects, and also scanners that can be used to scan cars. In addition to scanning equipment, we are distributors of software for quality control and reverse engineering, which allows us to control the dimensions or reconstruct of scanned objects in case of missing documentation. We also offer systems for automated scanning and quality control, which allows us to have a fully automated quality control system in a production line or an automated scanning and quality control process in the prototype phase.

BIRO BONUS d.o.o. – Bonus Engineering
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