HIWIN, Best Partner for the 4.0 Industry

HIWIN is highly recognized as a leader in the world of precision mechanics, believing in the “Total Solution” philosophy, thanks to the combination of HIWIN Technologies which develops and manufactures products for the world of mechanics and robotics, and HIWIN Mikrosystem with its many customers and successful products in the field of mechatronics.
Our products are mainly concerned the world of automation, mechanical industry in general and machine tools. Not only linear guideways and ballscrews but also linear motors, rotary tables, torque motor rotary tables, torque motors, drives and ac servomotors.
In addition to these products, HIWIN has also gained a foothold in the robotics field with its multi-axis articulated robots and SCARAs, electric grippers and
Datorker strain wave gear.
In HIWIN Italy there is also the System Division, a division which can produce entire systems, designed all with HIWIN components. HIWIN can provide standard design but also custom options. We are able to provide a highly specialized technical support from our Italian engineers, custom solutions studied together with the customer. We have a great stock with short delivery times.

Thanks our participations to exhibitions, our goal is to spread our mission: to continue manufacture highly precision products, technology and added value to improve the work environment and the everyday life.

Via Pitagora, 4
20861 Brugherio
+39 392876168
[email protected]

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