All in One: Vario-X Automation System

Murrelektronik presents with Vario-X a decentralized automation system that makes the control cabinet completely superfluous and is the decisive step towards digital transformation. This modular, and highly flexible, automation system completely decentralizes all automation functions for the first time – no control cabinets needed. Vario-X brings device technology directly into the machine environment and ensures reliable power, signal, and data management during the integration of decentralized servo drives.

The Vario-X-automated plant will have a digital twin from the very start. The digital 1:1 image contains all of the functions and configurations of the original machine or plant – the same control model runs on the virtual model just like it does on the real machine. The machine can be placed in the production hall via virtual reality.

The digital twin makes an important contribution in terms of condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. The use of artificial intelligence, in combination with the digital twin, is becoming increasingly simple: If the data is read into corresponding software and analysis tools, anomalies in the process can be detected, and measures to rectify them can be initiated, at an early stage. Long-term data analysis also allows you to determine the energy efficiency of a configuration while running simulations of various process changes can provide information about possible savings potentials.

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