Battery Measurement Solutions for All Areas of Industrial Automation

PSM Measuring Systems is part of the LOTRIČ Metrology Group. PSM Measuring Systems is a representative of leading manufacturers in the field of process and industrial automation. In this area, we provide sophisticated measuring equipment and software to support quality control in the production process.
Burster is one of the most important suppliers of precision instruments, sensors and sensor signal processing systems with over fifty years of experience.

Battery measurement solutions for automated mass production
The All-in-One module 2511 is predestined for use in automated manufacturing testing of lithium-ion battery cells for seamless 100 % quality assurance.

EXAMPLE APPLICATION: 100 % incoming goods testing for prismatic cells


  • AC/DC internal resistance measurement,
  • open-circuit and module voltage measurement, temperature measurement,
  • impedance measurement 1 kHz, optionally 1 Hz, 10 Hz, 100 Hz as well,
  • four-wire measurement method.

Reliable and reproducible detection of contact resistances on battery contact lugs
The RESISTOMAT® 2311 has been designed and optimised for very fast applications in automation.

EXAMPLE APPLICATION: Inline contact – resistance measurement to detect defective welded joints on cell contact lugs


  • measurement accuracy 0.03 % F.S. even in µΩ range, temperature compensation for all materials,
  • measurement/evaluation time from 10 ms,
  • thermal EMF compensation, input protection up to 400 Veff.

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