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Max FaroArm are portable CMM solutions addressing multiple challenges. With ergonomic design, options of batteries and several mounting options these solutions are highly mobile enabling measurements while the piece is still mounted in the CNC. It is a perfect for any multistage production process, like CNC mills, turns, bending machine or combination of above.

With accuracies starting at 0,022 mm Euni and working volumes starting at 1,5 meters for the Gage Max FaroArm and going up to 4 meters and 26 different models. Whether you are measuring small parts, molds or scanning a racing boat you can find the optimal solution for your application. Along with probing the Quantum Max FaroArm series has the option of adding 3 different laser scanners and patented synchronised 8-axis making up a highly accurate large volume 3D scanner.

When dealing with larger products you should look to FARO Vantage Max. Both FARO VantageS6 Max with 35 m and FARO VantageE6 Max with 80 m measuring radius were evolved upon the accuracy and reliability of the previous Vantage trackers. With SMRs or spherically mounted retroreflectors. you can typically achieve distance error of only 0,039 mm at 78 meters. Another measurement option is the battery powered 6DoF Probe. Through 4 programmable buttons and hot swapable probing tips it enables faster measurements. Using FARO Vantage Max trackers and 6DoF probes you can achieve accuracy of 50 μm + 5 μm/m.

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