Novelties of Leading Industrial Automation Manufacturers (Dec 2023)

At the IFAM 2024, Tipteh d.o.o. will showcase premium components, systems, and solutions designed to excel in comparison to competitors across industries.

Discover how to boost efficiency in desk-free workspaces by using AR-guided solutions seamlessly integrated with wearables and mobile devices through TeamViewer Frontline. This productivity solution platform offers remote support, facilitates guided assembly and troubleshooting, and optimizes logistics. Harnessing Vuzix lightweight smart glasses–recognized as the most wearable, powerful, and versatile head-worn computers on the market–these solutions enable remote maintenance and the creation of cutting-edge applications to meet diverse industrial needs. Furthermore, they enhance employee productivity, reduce errors, and improve product and service quality while lowering costs in logistics, manufacturing, maintenance, repair, and beyond.

Examine the numerous qualities of Basler’s Vision System Solution GigE5. It merges the unbeatably compact format of 12 ace 2 Basic camera models with 5 times faster data transfer, and perfectly matched hardware and software components from their 5GigE portfolio. The reliable and rigorously tested 5GigE vision products (cameras, lenses, PC cards, cables, software, and accessories) facilitate higher throughput, enhancing the efficiency and profitability of your application while maintaining overall system costs at a minimum.

You will also have the opportunity to explore Yaskawa’s reliable and powerful frequency converter, the GA700, designed to address nearly any industrial application task. It stands out for its exceptional flexibility, compact size, and built-in features. Its encoder connections enable precise control of motor speed and torque. The GA700 is easily manageable via smartphone, and its robust configuration tools are designed for straightforward setup, maintenance, and troubleshooting, saving valuable time.

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