Automation helps digitization: TOPOMATIKA sells ATOS ScanBox which automatically “transfers” products from the two-dimensional to the 3D world

Today in many industries, classic measurements in a couple of points are not enough. Industries such as automotive, aerospace, and even the household appliances industry are demanding from their suppliers clear measurement reports on a whole range of measurement points. Digital measurements serve to avoid mistakes before they happen, especially when joining parts from different manufacturers.

To start the digital transformation, the first step is to move from a 2D process to a three-dimensional world, which is the field where the company TOPOMATIKA d.o.o. has more than two decades of experience in almost all manufacturing industries.

Automated optical 3D measuring device speeds up your processes, detects sources of errors in early stages and ensures competitiveness. For 21 years Topomatika d.o.o. has been supplying such devices for non-contact measurements and software for processing measurement data in practically all branches of production in the region.

Many companies already use the ZEISS ATOS ScanBox automated optical 3D measuring device to generate data in batches, reducing costs and time.
The standardized ZEISS ATOS ScanBox systems compare all the real 3D coordinates of the part with its CAD models or measurement plan specifications and generate control reports right next to the production line. Topomatika offers 11 different models of optical measuring devices for different purposes and sizes of parts, from carabiners to complete bodies, enabling fast and automated measurements with optimal precision. ATOS ScanBox systems provide accurate and traceable results, guarantee high capacity and are easy to manage thanks to an intuitive user interface and virtual measurement room (VMR) – software functions for central management and measurement planning. This comprehensive solution covers all steps of this process, from programming to automated digitization, verification and reporting.


Five reasons to introduce automated quality control
1. Faster measurement:
Especially for parts with complex geometry or free forms, the ATOS ScanBox enables faster measurements by 50-80%.
2. Simple adaptation to the production process
Plan your measurement sequences with a few clicks and carry out the measurement in a fully automated process in the virtual measurement room via the ZEISS INSPECT Optical 3D software.
3. Measuring on the shop floor
Different ATOS ScanBox systems for parts of different sizes provide comprehensive solutions that can be installed and used directly in production, saving time and costs.
4. Tool for effective analyses
ZEISS INSPECT Optical 3D software automatically generates GD&T data (shape and position tolerances) and correction and positioning data, making it the industry standard among metrology software.
5. A powerful tool for many industries
ZEISS ATOS ScanBox is recognized worldwide as the ideal measuring system for production control in various industries such as the automotive, electronics, aviation and energy equipment industries. 

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