IZIT d.o.o. – a link between the virtual, digital world and reality

The company IZIT d.o.o. is the link that connects the virtual world of digital and the real world of three-dimensional solids – primarily with 3D printing, but also with knowledge of additive technologies that help customers to get a product using 3D printing as they designed it or just imagined it, or to repair their project made in one of CAD programs or simply to be innovative, even in highly unusual areas, such as surgeons practicing tumor surgery.

IZIT sells the most advanced 3D printers for professional use, from the world’s leading manufacturer, Stratasys. Along with them, it sells 3D printers from Ultimaker, the global leader in the class of desktop 3D printers. Whether the application of additive technologies in mechanical engineering, medicine, engineering, design, dental medicine or in the production of small series, IZIT’s engineers will ensure that everything goes as it should using their advice and expertise.

In addition to printing on top 3D printers in its laboratory, in a whole range of different technologies, IZIT also offers rapid prototyping and reverse engineering services, as well as 3D modeling (creation of a virtual prototype) and repair and translation of CAD models.

IZIT d.o.o.
Industrijska 3, Novaki
10431 Sveta Nedelja, Croatia
+385 (0)1 366 70 29
[email protected]

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