MB-NAKLO: New Minimat-EC cordless screwdriver on IFAM 2014

MB-NAKLO represents over 20 worlds famous German producers of tools, equipment for automation and machines. One of them is DEPRAG – a specialist in screwdriving and assembly technology. We will show all the important DEPRAG’s novelties on IFAM 2014 in Celje. One of them is a new Minimat-EC cordless screwdriver. We offer three models spanning a torque range from 0.8 – 13 Nm.


For the most demanding accuracy require-ments and most complex screw assembly sequences applying commonly known torque/angle controlled tightening techniques. Highest shut-off accuracy: Cmk values from ≥1.67 with a tolerance of ±10%.

 Wireless communication

Bluetooth, wireless data-transmission with the base-station. There, a graphic user interface allows the fast and easy generating of screwdriving sequences. It is possible to connect up to 4 tools to one base-station. Additionally, it is possible to connect the base-station to a host PC that transmits screwdriver settings and can also receive and archive data from the screwdriver.

 Datalogger software

With the optional software „TC30-PC Datalogger“,  measurement values from up to 10 base stations can be transferred to a host PC in *.csv format via  Ethernet. These results can also be analysed by  the TC30-PC Statistics software.

 Operator friendly

Besides ergonomic design and low weight of the tool, the integrated LED illuminates the screw-location.

 Simple  parameter selection

The tool can be programmed with eight multi-step screw-driving sequences. Program selection can be executed directly on the tool‘s display-keypad. An additional selector-switch allows the quick activation of a reversing sequence, which is available for every screwdriving program.

 Energy efficient

The 36V Li-Ion battery offers a high energy- and performance density. Highest energy efficiency through regenerative feedback of the braking energy and the sensor-controlled multi-level standby-mode. Long service life through a very low self discharge, no battery memory effect and high grade EC-electric motors. Fast battery recharge – about 40 minutes – guaranteed!

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