MB-NAKLO: LORENZ Messtechnik – new program

MB-NAKLO represent a new program from its portfolio. That is a program LORENZ Messtechnik. LORENZ Messtechnik is one of the world’s leading providers of sensors and system solutions for the measurement of force and torque. MB-NAKLO offers their unique products, innovative solutions and best technical support.

Lorenz’s manufacturing program includes torque sensors, force sensors, load cells as well as the corresponding measured data evaluation units. Furthermore customized system solutions and test benches for the acquisition of speed, torque, force and characteristics; special sensors and strain gauge installation. Lorenz offers DAkkS and proprietary calibrations for all of sensors and devices. With the purchase of a new sensor a test certificate, which records the traceable measurement, is provided as standard (more: http://www.lorenz-messtechnik.de).

MB-NAKLO offers:

  • Sensors and Transducers
  • Force Sensors
  • Torque Sensors
  • Multi-Component Sensors
  • Weighing Technology
  • Customized Sensor and System Solutions
  • Amplifiers and Measured Data Evaluation Units
  • Custom-designed Test Benches and Facilities
  • Strain Gauge Applications
  • Training Seminars

We will demonstrate LORENZ products on IFAM 2014 in Celje. Take advantage of our complete range of services. Discover a partner who will innovatively and permanently strengthen your market position.

Visit MB-NAKLO and our booth 305 on IFAM 2014 in Celje.

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