DAIHEN VARSTROJ and the industry of the future 4.0

Daihen Varstroj tries to follow current market demands by responding quickly to meet the requirements even on the most demanding technical and technological level which is dictated by being prepared of the industry marked 4.0.

The wide range of innovative solutions we offer most definitely includes the latest generations of Welbee inverter sources. They have a unique LSI processor for controlling which was developed in 64-bit nanotechnology, and provides numerous advantages in manual and robotic welding. Standardized communication interfaces included with our Welbee welding machines enable connections to industrial systems labelled 4.0. The Welding and Welder monitoring applications enable full control of the welding process and provide information about how, when, and what happened during welding.

IT connectivity in robotization is enabled in combination with the latest series of 7-axis robotic manipulators and WiTP wireless control panel which enables simultaneous wireless programming and controlling of multiple robots, long life and friendly use.

The newly-developed robotic laser QF sensor for fast and simultaneous detection of two-dimensional deviations and extremely precise detection of gap between metal from 0.2 mm onwards should also be pointed out. Sensor can be easily managed with a standard robot panel which enables real-time result monitoring. The Welding traceability application enables traceability of welding parameters, their precise monitoring, storage, and also later verification. Monitoring results combined with robotic operation information are stored on a personal computer where the system automatically stores data for precise tracing in case of a potential fault, and the user can review all faults based on differently set conditions for the past time. One of the novelties we offer is also the Synchro Feed GMA welding equipment. It is an innovative system of High speed welding and welding with less splashes which enables high speeds with the MAG procedure and welding with CO2 protection gas (100%), reduced energy input in a controlled manner, excellent penetration, and superior weld quality.

The latest series of 7-axis FD series robots consists of five robotic manipulators (FD-B4S, B4LS, FD-V6S, FD-V6LS, FD-V20S) whose main advantages are: providing better access to hard-to-get welding locations, better learning and management even while using two wires (TIG electrodes by adding wire or tandem process), and they also allow more robots close to each other and greater flexibility for designing robotic cells. We recently presented our high-precision FD-V20A robot which was developed for laser welding and cutting, TIG welding and plasma welding.

We are a »single source« provider of robotic manipulators, peripheral devices, welding equipment, clamping systems and sensors which is definitely our great advantage in this period of complex products and requirements for fast replacement of products.

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