MB-NAKLO: Sequence Controller AST40

DEPRAG SCHULZ GMBH u. CO. based in Amberg, Germany have earned their position as one of the leading companies in screwdriving technology with their outstanding product and service spectrum. The specialists, with 600 employees in over 50 countries, are consistently bringing new innovations onto the market. DEPRAG’s Sequence Controller AST40 guarantees s maximum flexibility and process reliability.

Characteristics of DEPRAG Sequence Controller AST40:

High power density
– High performance with small footprint
– 50 Nm with a diameter of 36 mm

High shut-off accuracy
– sensitive to threaded fastener joints with the highest standards of precision and repeatability
– Cmk-value of >1,67 at a tolerance of ±7 %

– free programmable
– multi-stage fastening sequences
– gauranteed screw head clamp force via friction measurement method

Noise immunity
– by the use of digital signal transmission
– potential distance driver – controller <30 m

Comprehensive documentation options
– internal storage for an unlimited amount of assembly results over a 7 day period
– communication via PC, IPS or PLC

System diagnostics
– protocol function to upload all system data via USB

Extensive integration and control options
– 3 different fieldbus interface ports; expandable
– discreet I/O interface for the selection of up to 120 screwdriver programs
– integrated 7″ TFT touch display panel
– simple programming and operation via built in web server
– http-port
– 13 languages in standard format

More info:
MB-NAKLO d.o.o.
[email protected]
051 354 904

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