AC Drives FDD 3000

Efficient and Reliable

With the new AC drives of the FDD 3000 series, you efficiently solve all drive tasks in low-voltage applications. Economic asynchronous motors can be precisely controlled with the AC drives. Optimize the power of your motion applications and save energy at the same time.

For any application, the FDD series provides the ideal solution. These compact units are available in eight sizes. The 1- or 3-phase AC drives (200/240 V AC or 380/480 V AC) cover a power range of 0.37 to 132 kW and are designed for high load operation or normal load applications. They are the right choice for motion applications that should be realized cost-effectively.

Efficiently in Use
With exact speed control, energy-efficient operation of your application can be achieved. Functions such as dynamic V/f control or standby mode also minimize energy consumption, and help reduce your operating costs. With an overload capacity from up to 180 percent the FDD 3000 units are ideal for applications that require a high torque for short time.

Safe and Communicative
Two Safety STO inputs (SIL 3/PL e) ensure a safe stop. In addition, 3 digital inputs and 1 digital in-/output, as well as a relay output for the brake control are integrated. Communication with the control is implemented via CANopen, EtherCAT or VARAN interfaces. Parameters and motion commands can be comfortably sent from the control to the AC drive – complex parameterization with an input device is unnecessary.

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