Efficient and Economical Installation Concepts with IO-Link

The smartest way of automation without control cabinets

Modern machinery and plants gather and link more and more data. As a consequence, the complexity of production processes has been increasing steadily for the last few years. Therefore, the main goal is to establish unified communication standards to simplify the way of data collection and handling. IO-Link creates transparency all the way from the sensor-actuator level to the cloud. The results are reduced costs and increased productivity. Moreover, it opens new possibilities of service and maintenance as well as the shortening of commissioning time. Murrelektronik is your expert when it comes to creating an infrastructure for data transmission.

The compact IO-Link Master Modules MVK Pro and IMPACT67 Pro with eight multifunctional master ports are the latest addition to Murrelektronik’s IP67 rated I/O system. The L-coded M12 ports allow for daisy-chaining and provide up to 2 x 16 A power. Each is available for PROFINET, Ethernet/IP and EtherCAT protocols.

By taking full advantage of IO-Link capabilities, the system makes it easy to get the needed input and output data from your machines and systems. With our IO-Link hubs and analog converters you can easily connect digital and analog signals to the IO-Link master using a standard sensor cable. This not only reduces your cabling effort but also simplifies commissioning, service, and diagnostics.

MVK Pro and Impact67 Pro
IP67 rated fieldbus modules are an important component in decentralized installations. They replace complexly wired and expensive terminal boxes. MVK Pro and IMPACT67 Pro, Murrelektronik‘s compact IO-Link master modules with eight multifunctional master ports, are the most intelligent way to connect IO-Link devices.

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