Compact Rotation with Plastic: igus Develops a New Cost-effective Rotary Energy Chain

Small new rotary module for robots and handling and camera systems reduces costs by up to 73%.

It is light, compact, and made entirely of plastic: the new PRM (Polymer Rotation Module) rotary energy supply system from igus. Specifically for tight rotational movements in cables and hoses, igus has now developed a system consisting of a polymer energy chain and a low-friction plastic guide trough.

Cost effective and compact the new PRM rotary energy supply system from igus®

If cameras, robots, and even handling systems are to work in 24/7 production operation, their cables must be well protected. igus® has now developed a trough specifically for compact rotary movements, made entirely of plastic. The motion plastics specialist uses wear-resistant, durable high-performance plastics. The result is a system that costs up to 73% less and is up to 85% lighter than a steel trough. An additional advantage of a plastic trough is protection against corrosion. Also, the plastic complete system demonstrated its long service life in the test laboratory. It withstood more than three million double strokes.

igus rotary energy supply systems score particularly well against slip rings because the cables have a defined movement. In addition, several forms of media can be guided at the same time. The chain can be adjusted at any time, and cables can be quickly replaced during maintenance. igus currently offers the new PRM rotary energy supply system for outer diameters ranging from 200 to 500 millimetres directly in the online shop as a complete set. Users can also deploy ready-made kits for linear travels of 8 to 200 metres. These kits consist of an energy chain from the proven, E4.1 series, corresponding mounting brackets, strain relief elements, separators, a guide trough with or without a glide bar, suitable installation sets, and an igus screwdriver.

(Source: igus GmbH)

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