Wireless Communication as an Alternative to Cables

Flexibly adaptable production plants, multi-axis robot systems and decentralized machines – they all place high demands on signal and data transmission. When moving or rotating parts as well as mobile systems are to be integrated via PROFIBUS, PROFINET, PROFIsafe and other fieldbus protocols, wired solutions reach their limits.

For this purpose, several alternative technologies to the cable have become established. One of possible solutions are radio data transmission systems. They can be used with all common communication standards, are fail-safe, and also enable extensive networks with multiple controllers and IO modules that can be distributed over larger areas.

Preventing fieldbus errors with secure radio transmission

In order to function without failure, the specified maximum response time must be maintained. This is why a reliable radio transmission should be prioritized when selecting the specific radio solution.

Elektrospoji offer solutions from Schildknecht, which uses a patented technology for stabilizing the radio connection. In conventional systems, data packets are transmitted without pre-processing, which can quickly cause overload in the radio connection and then lead to failures. In contrast, the patented technology analyses and pre-processes data packets. When transmitting PROFINET telegrams, for example, the data packets are prioritized over general Ethernet traffic. Short-term radio interferences are bridged by intermediate storage of the data packets and an adjustable ‘filter time’, resulting in secure real-time communication between the controller, IO module and radio data transmission system.

The patented DATAEAGLE product group from Schildknecht supports various protocols, network gateways and PLC IO modules. All products are available in the classic IP20 version or in the X-terme IP65 version.

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