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With its multidisciplinary content the IRT3000 magazine for over a decade supports the transfer of knowledge, solutions and new technologies into practice. Innovations (I), Research&development (R) and Technology (T) are the main themes of the magazine, that is issued ten times per year and every tome on more than 180 pages. It monthly brings plenty of professional articles for different sectors. The magazine is also a co-organizer of the high-profile event Female engineer of the year and main organizer of the professional event, the Industrial forum.

IRT3000 Magazine is the only professional Slovenian magazine, that every month brings an extremely rich content on more than 180 pages from technical field such as mechanical engineering, process industry, mechanics and cybernetics, computer science and information technology, and many others. IRT3000 Magazine also reports about news, achievement and good practices in advanced industrial sectors. For professionals from the former Yugoslavian region, there is a version of the magazine in Croatian language, that is issued four times per year, the IRT3000 Adria Magazine and each issue contains more than 180 pages.

»The mission of the IRT3000 Magazine is to contribute to a more competitive economy and providing professional literature, that professionals can use also as a handbook, when encounter challenges in their work. With the selection of the Female Engineer of the year, the magazine contributes to the popularity of technical careers among females, while the two-days event, the Industrial forum provides exchange of knowledge and experience among representatives from industry« explained Darko Švetak, editor of IRT3000 Magazine.

Selection of Female engineer of the year will be held the fifth time next year, while the traditional Industrial forum will be organized for the 14th consecutive year. Videos of the event, that this year took place online are available at: For the next year the forum will take place from 6th to 7th of June 2022. You can order the magazine on the website, where among professional literature you can find also an excellent handbook for processing thermoplastic materials entitled “Umetnost brizganja” (The art of injection moulding), a collection of three books Secotools from the field of metal cutting and an English-Slovenian terminological dictionary of production engineering.

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