PSM Measuring Systems and Process Equipment for 100 % Real-time Production Control

PSM Measuring Systems is part of the LOTRIČ Metrology Group. PSM Measuring Systems is a representative of leading manufacturers in the field of process and industrial automation. In this area, we provide sophisticated measuring equipment and software to support quality control in the production process.

Burster specialise in process sensors, calibration technology and resistance meters.
DIGIFORCE 9311, digital process equipment for the synchronous monitoring and analysis of force and real-time movement, from the leading German manufacturer Burster, enables efficient 100% quality control in the production process in real time.
Analysis (on a graph x, y) of forces, based on shifts in real time, provides extremely fast and accurate measurements and gives us processing results.

DIGIFORCE 9311 represents a new standard for 100% quality control in the production process in real time. Process equipment for force, torque and displacement provides fast and accurate results for the analysis (graph x, y) of forces, based on displacement or time.
A large set of evaluation windows for curve analysis (graph x, y / force, displacement or time) are fully customizable to the application or user requirements. DigiControl software provides support for an automatic data logging mode, which operates in parallel with production.


Example uses of DIGIFORCE: pressing a bearing into its housing (alternator cover), where we measure the force and path during stamping … Based on this diagram, the measuring equipment (DIGIFORCE) evaluates the process/sample as bad or good. If it is good, it is available for further processing.

Typical applications of DIGIFORCE: presses, joining, inserting, riveting, stamping, sealing … It is used wherever there is a need for reliable quality control, and synchronous and quick acquisition of measured values in combination with analysis based on comprehensive evaluation elements. The DIGIFORCE 9311 provides the modern platform you need for this task, and offers the widest selection of Fieldbus interfaces, including PROFINET, PROFIBUS and EtherNet/IP, allowing you to connect to a PLC.

We are available for additional questions, and for a showcase of the operation of the equipment.

PSM Measuring Systems
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