ECO WAVE 2022 and the LIFE Programme (21st September, 14.30 – 15.15)

On 21 September 2022, a special LIFE session will take place during the ECO WAVE Business Forum, in which the audience will learn about the new LIFE programme (2021-2027) and its funding opportunities. In addition, LIFE projects will present their work: 

  • LIFE IP SK AQ– Enhancing the implementation of Air Quality Management Plans in Slovakia  
  • LIFE HIDAQUA-Sustainable water management in high water demanding industries 
  • LIFE turning to e-circular– Awareness building of the circular economy key elements among households in the field of EE equipment 
  • LIFE BioTHOP– BioTwine HOP waste transformation into novel product assortments for the Packaging and Horticulture Sector.
  • LIFE IP RESTART– Boosting waste recycling into valuable product
  • LIFE IP CARE4CLIMATE– Reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Slovenia

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