Ključavničarstvo Krašovc, Matic Anderlič s.p.

Ključavničarstvo Krašovc, Matic Anderlič s.p., is a small family manufacturing company that has been in business since 1963.
The company boasts a long tradition of manufacturing high-quality furniture fittings, small metal products and custom metal products. It offers customers the following services like bending, cutting, MIG/MAG welding (metal, inox and aluminium), punching, drilling and assembly.
Years ago, the company invested in the purchase of modern machines and expansion of the workshop and storage facilities. They also obtained the Slovenian Quality (SQ) certificate for their products.
For several years, the products were also exported abroad, but currently their production is present only on the Slovenian market.

Ključavničarstvo Krašovc, Matic Anderlič s.p.
Migojnice 96 c
3303 Griže
+386 41 277 018
[email protected]

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