Kolektor Vision, Business Unit at Kolektor Orodjarna d.o.o.

Kolektor Vision has more than 25 years of experience in the field of machine vision and we are the first and now the largest system integrator of industrial machine vision solutions in the country. We implemented more than 1000 machine vision systems in different industries.
Our main task is to solve complex problems in the field of automated quality control. To achieve this, we are constantly developing our skills, which include design and manufacture of optical evaluation equipment, development of special algorithms for image processing and production of applications to solve specific challenges of our customers. By staying up to date with top notch technological breakthroughs, we ensure quality and long-term support for our clients.
Production companies often require custom made optical systems, designed and optimized for their specific needs. Being part of a larger automotive company ourselves, we understand the importance of repeatable measurements, high tolerances and the reliable 24/7 functioning of the inspection solutions. Machine vision is not just cameras, but a well-orchestrated combination of advanced optical principles, high-end software, well-designed manipulation and mechanical principles.

Our solutions in general help our customers optimize their production processes, increase the quality of products, reduce costs and complaints and exclude the human factor from the process. Get in touch with our machine vision experts and start setting the standard for quality control in your industry.

Kolektor Orodjarna d.o.o. – Kolektor Vision
Cesta v Gorice 34 a
SI-1000 Ljubljana
Cell: +386 41 420 385
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