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The company IC elektronika d.o.o. is the largest independent distributor of electronic components in Slovenia. It was established in 1989. The Company’s registered office is in Ljubljana. They have subsidiaries in Zagreb and Belgrade. Over the years, the Company has become a respected and appreciated market player. They represent more than 50 manufacturers from all over the world and have expanded their portfolio to include even more automation products. This year at IFAM they will feature the following manufacturers:

  • Rafi has been one of the world’s leading suppliers in human-machine communication for more than 100 years. They develop, design, produce and market powerful solutions for almost every step in human-machine communication – from simple keys to highly complex touch systems.nVent Schroff with their innovative industrial racks and cabinets
  • nVent SCHROFF has been synonymous with innovation since it was founded in Germany in 1962, starting with the development of a euro board subrack system that helped make the 19” standard universal. nVent continues to pioneer electronic infrastructure for a wide range of applications today.
  • Panasonic Industry’s broad and diverse product portfolio encompasses key electronic component sectors including electromechanical components, passives, batteries and other energy products, sensors and wireless connectivity modules, thermal management materials and custom solutions, as well as automation devices & solutions.
  • Harting: Company which is developing and manufacturing the world’s most durable and reliable electrical connectors and solutions. In their extensive portfolio, they are also covering a broad specter of automation solutions.
  • TDK Lambda: is considered to be the leading global manufacturer of power supplies. Their product range includes: AC/DC power supplier, DC/DC converters, programmable laboratory power supplies and EMC filters. The main focus is to put on modular power supplies, that can be configured individually for each customer’s requirements.
  • Transcend carries over 2000 products, including all types of memory modules, flash memory cards, USB flash drives, card readers, external hard drives, solid state drives and industrial-grade products, to satisfy virtually every possible memory-related requirement. Transcend’s EMBEDDED segment combines technologies and software support to ensure the reliability needed and desired for industrial needs.
  • WAGO with it’s 70 years of experience, is a specialist in manufacturing electrical interconnections that utilize spring pressure termination technology, most notably its CAGE CLAMP®. In step with the times, WAGO also produces Interface Electronics and Automation Technology to meet the demands of ever growing markets.

Booth A-302 & A-403

IC elektronika d.o.o.
Vodovodna cesta 100
1000 Ljubljana
+386 1 568 01 25
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