CameraLink and CoaXPress High-resolution Matrix and Line Scan Cameras and Interfaces (grabbers)

Conphis is upgrading its existing product program for machine vision with high-end cameras and grabbers.

CameraLink, CoaXPress and 10GigE cameras VIEWORKS
The Vieworks company is focused on the development and production of cameras for more demanding applications. They are known for their innovative technologies and high quality.
The offer includes matrix cameras with a resolution from 2 to 151 Mpixels (with the help of pixel shift technology up to 604 Mpixels) with CameraLink, CoaXPress, GigE and 10 GigE interfaces.
They are also recognizable by line scan cameras with a resolution of 2-23k lines with CameraLink, CoaXPress and GigE interfaces.

CameraLink and CoaXPress grabbers by Active Silicon

It develops and produces a wide range of technologically advanced interfaces in the field of machine vision. Among the products, we should point out CoaXPress and CameraLink interfaces for different platforms and different 64- bit operating systems (Windows, Linux and QNX)

Their CoaXPress and CameraLink interfaces are fast and work in real time.

They are also fully compatible with the GenICam standard, they support processing on the graphics card and are compatible with both AMD DirectGMA and NVIDIA GPUDirect for Video

The ActiveSDK development tool contains many examples and optimized libraries. Control over the camera and interfaces is provided by the ActiveCapture program (based on the GenICam standard).

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