Novelties of Leading Industrial Automation Manufacturers (March 2023)

At the IFAM 2023, Tipteh d.o.o. will present revolutionary Deep Learning technology for solving complex machine vision problems. Benefit from intuitive Aurora Vision Studio from Zebra Technologies, a user-friendly graphical software for creating custom industrial imaging applications without programming. You can run them in minutes on both GPU and CPU. The adoption and easy integration of machine vision capabilities helps you save time, cost, and resources.
You will get to know the high-quality, modular, modernly- and ergonomically designed support arms and control panels from Teknokol. They ensure you ease of use, as well as the possibility of specific system configuration for any application. Ergonomic support arm and panel systems make it easier for operators to operate and thus provide maximum safety at work.

Check out the most advanced control components and systems from MOOG. You can use them for a wide range of applications where precise control of velocity, force, acceleration, and fluid flow is crucial. Transmit electricity, electrical and data signals and liquids from a stationary to a rotating part of your devices with their slip rings. Take a look at their SmartMotor, a fully integrated controller with small footprint, great power density and a simplicity of design hard to match on the market.

Do not miss the diverse Mean Well’s power supply products designed for a variety of application requirements. Their switching power supplies, LED-drivers, Inverters, Converters and Battery Chargers are characterised by reliability, serviceability, and durability, at an affordable price. Benefit from the slim designed DIN Rail Power Supplies with the active PFC, made specially for the industrial environment.

We will be delighted to present also the novelties from: Auer Signal, Axiomtek, Inxpect, Leuze, Micro-Epsilon, Photoneo, R.T.A., Secomea, Schmersal, Spohn + Burkhardt, Turck and Unitronics.

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